Frequently asked obiee Interview Questions with detailed answers and examples . Tips and Tricks for cracking OBIEE interview. Happy OBIEE job hunting. Here is a list of Top most important OBIEE interview questions and answers by you want to download OBIEE interview questions pdf. Top 24 Obiee Interview Questions & Answers. 1) Mention what is Obiee? Obiee stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

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+ Obiee Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Mention what is Obiee ? Question2: Mention what are the main features of OBIEE? Question3: Mention. 19 OBIEE Interview Questions and answers for - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. OBIEE Interview Questions & Answers - Oracle Business Intelligence 11g - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. yy.

On the other hand non system variables or non system session variables can be used as a filter for users. Is it possible to make new logical columns for BMM layer? A: Yes it is possible and we can see this example: we can rightdick on fact table and we will find here the command to make new logical column and we can name it. What is the meaning of LBM? What is the definition and use of Alias tables? A: The duplicated made for the tables of a database are called Alias tables and they are links to the properties like rows, columns of the original tables.

How to handle ragged hierarchy? The Ragged hierarchy comes into place when we have two different models, one with a Provence and one without, because in that case the chosen Country does not support Provinces or States. The second model is a ragged hierarchy. Is it possible that for a single dimension logical table to have multiple dimensional hierarchy?

How can we log on as administrators in Siebel? From there if we select a user we can see that we can modify the level and save it.

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How different levels of access authentication are classified? A: The levels are in number of four and their role is to block access to various databases or tables: 1 Operating level- without this authentication no one can get access in the application as this is the highest level of restriction.

How one can know what report corresponds to a given table?

A: In order to discover this, after we run the report, we must arrive in the Administration tab and click Manage Sessions. A: 1 It brings an excellent interactive, complex SI functionality and environment. It all depends upon the environment setup at clients place.

It is better to practice obiee 11g as many clients are going to implement obiee 11g in future.. Define repository in terms of Siebel Analytics? Siebel repository is a file system ,extension of the repository file. Siebel Analytics Server can access multiple repositories. What is the end to end life cycle of Siebel Analytics? Siebel Analytics life cycle:.

How will you create Interactive Dashboards? What is write-back in obiee? How we can Port changes for dashboards, reports, rpd from development to production? Repository variable: This variable is used for the whole repository. Session variable: Examples of non system variables are user defined filters. How will you enable or disable caching in the system level and table level?

How will you go about adding additional column to the repository in the presentation layer? How will effect the changes for a report, if for certain users only the column heading in the report should be changed?

Where and how will you create it? What is Level Based Metrics? How we can create it?

Physical Layer. Business Model. Mapping Layer. Presentation Layer. What is Authentication? How many types of authentication. Authentication is the procedure by which a system confirms, through the use of a user Operaing system authentication. External table authentication. Database authentication. LDAP authentication.

What is a bridge table? How Time based triggered report can be generated? Using Scheduler — ibots we can generate time based triggered report. What is ibot? Complex Join — it uses multiple conditions, such as A. How we can have two different columns from two different tables or subject areas? How can we use saved filters and where we will save the filters?

Prompts b. Have you worked in dashboard? By clicking on the cancel button, we can stop a exact report placed on the dashboard. Define surrogate key. Define repository in terms of Siebel Analytics.

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Siebel repository is a file system ,extension of the repository file. With Siebel Analytics Server, all the rules needed for security, data modeling, aggregate navigation, caching, and connectivity is stored in metadata repositories. Every metadata repository can store many business models. Siebel Analytics Server can access many repositories.

Explain the end to end life cycle of Siebel Analytics? Siebel Analytics life cycle Collect Business Requirements. Recognize source systems. Build a repository. Build dashboard or use answers for reporting.

Define security. Testing and QA. How does Siebel Architecture works? Explain the three layers. There are five parts of Siebel Architecture. Siebel analytics Web Server data sorces. Siebel analytics scheduler. Siebel analytics server Metadata represents the analytical Model which is created using the siebel Analytics Administration tool.

Repository divided into three layer Physical — Signifies the data Sources. Business — copies the Data sources into Facts And Dimension.

Presentation — Specifies the users view of the model ; rendered in Siebel answer. If we have 3 facts and 4 dimension and we need to join would you recommend joining fact with fact? If no than what is the option? What is connection pool and how many connection pools did we have in our last project? It contains material about the connection to the database, not the database itself. We can use either shared user accounts or pass-through accounts -Use: We can have many connection pools for each group to avoid waiting.

Define JDK and why do we need it? Can we migrate the presentation layer to a different server. What is the purpose? What is the full form of rpd? How we can disable cache for only 2 particular tables?

How we can split a table in the rpd given the condition.

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We have to make a dubbed table in the physical layer. What type of protocol did we use in SAS? Can we have multiple data sources in Siebel Analytics? Yes, we can have multiple data sources in Siebel Analytics. How we can deal with case statement and expressions in siebel analytics? By using expression builder we can create case statement when…then.. What do you know about Initialization Blocks?

Init blocks are used for instantiating a session when a user logs in. To make dynamic variable we have to create IB to write sql statement. Explain query repository tool? It Examine relationship between metadata objects like which column in the presentation layer maps to which table in physical layer.

How can you bypass siebel analytics server security? Where we can add new groups and set permissions?

Explain what is R? What are the things we can do in the BMM layer? Where are passwords for userid? Passwords for userid are in siebel analytics server repository. Define pipeline. Pipelines are the stages in a particular contract, valuation, economics etc.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition sometimes simply referred to as Oracle Business Intelligence provides a full range of business intelligence capabilities that allow you to: Collect up-to-date data from your organization. Present the data in easy-to-understand formats such as tables and graphs. Deliver data in a timely fashion to the employees in your organization.

A database repository must be created before installation of the components with the Repository Creation Utility RCU tool. Log centralization via the web log viewer.

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In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence is now deployed in a clustered configuration by default. Explain Oracle Business Intelligence Applications?

Security in Oracle BI: The security mechanism comprises Business logic object security, Presentation Catalog object security and Data level security. Drilling Down in Oracle BI: For example, if you work in sales, you can drill down to the city level within a sales report, and observe that there is a large sale pending in Paris. If you are using an Oracle Siebel operational application, you can then drill down on the pending sale and go directly to that opportunity in the Oracle BI application.

Repository is divided into three layer Physical — Represents the data Sources. Business — model the Data sources into Facts and Dimension and apply business logic. OBIEE life cycle: Gather Business Requirements.

Identify source systems. Build dashboards and reports. What is the purpose of Alias Tables? The following is a list of the main reasons to create an alias table To reuse an existing table more than once in your physical layer without having to import it several times To set up multiple alias tables, each with different keys, names, or joins To help you design sophisticated star or snowflake structures in the business model layer.

Operating system authentication. What is aggregate navigation?Drag and drop the new logical column to the appropriate level in the Dimension hierarchy in the above example you will drag and drop it to Year in Time Dim A LBM is a metric that is defined for a specific level or intersection of levels. Init blocks are used for instantiating a session when a user logs in. How can the management of the cache made?

The Siebel Analytics Server authenticates each connection request it receives. How would you go about identifying if there is an issue and what the issue is?

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For Event polling table do you need the table in your physical layer? Cross-domain requests can be sent through iBOTs.

Repository stores the Meta data information. Column prompts can be created for hierarchical, measure, or attribute columns at the analysis or dashboard level.