I receive the following error message when I try to add a comment: An error has occurred that may be fixed by installing the latest version of the. I live in Korea, and I need Korean language pack for Acrobat X Pro. Some text in internet written in Korean language is not readable. There are Asian font packs, and I think they are part of the Acrobat Pro CD/disk image. Hello,. I have Win and Acrobat Reader. I have pdf file in english language. During browsing this pdf I have error:" An error has occurred that may be fixed by .

Pdf Korean Language Support Package

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I tried installing adobe reader and it reported that korean language support is needed korean language support package needed to view pdf. Currently i have downloaded Acrobat Pro X which contains only 3 launguages and not others. I need to deploy korean application to my Site. You can choose to install one or all of the three languages supported by the pack : Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The language pack installs CID fonts for.

The PDF 1.

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The CID fonts are designed specifically to handle fonts with a large character set and are capable of using bit character encoding. You can choose to install one or all of the three languages supported by the pack: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The language pack installs CID fonts for each of the selected languages. CID fonts use the same format as TrueType fonts.

However, the internal tables in the fonts are slightly different from regular TrueType fonts. In order to create a CJK document, a regular TrueType font also needs to be installed on the machine for the language.

We will use Japanese as the example font in the following discussions. Chinese and Korean fonts are handled in the same way. To create a document containing Japanese characters, first select the correct Japanese TrueType font OS font for the report element:.

If the report is created from a report template, the Japanese characters can be entered in the Designer and saved in the template file. The template file uses UTF8 encoding for text values and can handle all unicode characters correctly. After the report is created, it can be viewed using the Previewer as usual.

Create Your Dashboard in. InetSoft Product Information: Korean characters are displayed as "???

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One of our customers complained that Korean and Chinese characters are displayed as "???

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His Html report looks OK. We are using the default font Serif.

His system info: OS Name:You probably misundersood me. More details on these changes are provided below.

Also Yihui showed adding the packages in the header. For Macintosh.

For now, just look around and get familiar with the available options in case you need them later. The system default font is "Helvetica" and pdffontname is "Helvetica". However, before giving you the link, I want to shed some more light into what I think it happens when you deal with these fonts in PDF. It also depends on which machine you generate the PDF.